The Cannabis Chemistry Guide

July 9, 2021

Iridium Consulting partners Aaron Green and Anatoly Chlenov recently collaborated with David Winternheimer and Pacific Star Labs to create The Cannabis Chemistry Guide: An Introduction to Analytical Testing in Product Development. The guide is intended to be a resource for cannabis industry and hemp industry professionals working in cultivation, production and manufacturing.

Can you tell a live resin from a distillate?

Summary excerpt from the guide:
Quality product development and production begins with understanding ingredients at the molecular level and how those ingredients combine and interact to create the final product. Analytical testing labs and the results they produce are the key to understanding product formulation and manufacturing at that molecular level. If you are reading this guide, you probably appreciate the importance of chemistry throughout these processes and may have also experienced ineffective communication between scientists at testing labs and product developers/manufacturers. To bridge this gap, the authors of this guide have assembled and explained the fundamentals of analytical chemistry into this brief handbook. In publishing this free guide, the authors hope it will become an invaluable educational resource for manufacturers in the cannabis industry looking to effectively leverage lab testing to improve their product development lifecycles and manufacturing quality control systems.

The guide is freely available on the Pacific Star Labs website. Check it out here!

"I cannot tell you how valuable I felt this information is! I have yet to read an educational resource in this space that actually educated me like this. Very well written as you took a rather complicated topic such as the chemistry of cannabis and made it a rather easy and digestible read. Really enjoyed it" -Carl Burr, Account Manager, Evolution Accelerator

If you are interested in how to train your staff on core chemistry concepts to drive efficiency and creativity in your business, Contact Us today!

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